Speed Preston: Brian, in our last exchange you talked about how the internet has enabled us to do things faster, cheaper and more efficiently. We discussed this in the specific application of developing a minimally viable product. I want to focus on the “faster” element whether enabled by the internet or not. Speed, in [...]


Decentralize “How is [Berkshire] organized? I don’t think in [the] history of the world has anything Berkshire’s size [been] organized in so decentralized a fashion.” -Charlie Munger Berkshire Hathaway had revenue of $242 billion in 2017. Their headquarters staff is about 25 people. Take a look at your organization. Are you too centralized?

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Audacity "In a time when computers are replacing many basic human functions, it will eventually come to be that audaciousness, vision, courage, creativity, a sense of justice – these will be the only tasks left to us." -Ryan Holiday Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the great equalizer when it comes to competitive advantage...until courage and [...]

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MVP (It’s not what you think)

MVP (It's not what you think) Preston: Brian, “Ready, Fire, Aim” is great advice in those situations where we feel paralyzed by a lack of information. This is the state in which many entrepreneurial companies find themselves. It is also the state any business may find itself in when developing a new product or [...]

Here’s What’s Better Than A Punch In The Mouth

Here's What's Better Than A Punch In The Mouth Our vision and goals are clear to us when we launch a new business, product, or adventure. We set out in that direction with great enthusiasm taking one step at a time looking at what is immediately in front of us. How often do we look [...]

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The Problem With A Coherent Strategy

The Problem With A Coherent Strategy A coherent strategy can get you into trouble. Coherent means all the pieces fit together in a nice package. It is the underlying assumptions that may not be valid that can cause a coherent strategy to fail. Examine those underlying assumptions carefully. Some are implicit and must be ferreted [...]

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Counter-Intuitive Strategy

Counter-Intuitive Strategy Being "easy to do business with" can be the basis of a competitive advantage. Look at the success of IKEA. They take an opposite approach. Rather than convenience, they compete by giving their customers pride in building what they buy. Be open-minded as you create or re-create your business model. Understand psychology and [...]