Discover the power of peer consulting.  Imagine the collective wisdom of a room full of fellow business owners working together to find the right solution to your issues.  Our business advisory groups include up to 12 like-minded business owners with hundreds of years collective wisdom, thousands of experiences and case studies, and countless best practices.

Stop trying to grow your business all by yourself.  Find out the easy way to grow by leveraging the experience of others. Aside from the valuable experience of other closely-held business owners, you get:

  • A seasoned business pro to lead the group as well as work with you one-on-one every month on your key issues
  • A chance to grow as a CEO.  You can’t tie a necktie without a mirror.  Likewise, it is difficult to be the best CEO you can be without feedback and a sounding board. A CEO mastermind group can act as an accurate “mirror” to help you become a highly-effective leader.
  • Build long-term positive relationships with other business owners and CEOs

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To schedule your complimentary no-obligation consultation, email Preston Sumner HERE or call him at (702) 900-7466.