Harnessing the Collective Wisdom of Peers

It’s lonely at the top. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Maybe it’s time to drop out of the School of Hard Knocks and learn valuable lessons from your fellow CEOs. Although you may feel your problems are unique to your business, there are many other company owners and executives with similar issues. To assist you with the difficulties of running a business, our CEO Focus groups provide a forum for owners to discuss key issues.

CEO Focus is a peer consulting group of company presidents and CEOs. In our CEO group meetings, we work on business issues confronting our members. Groups meet once per month. Groups consist of 8-12 members from various industries and backgrounds. Although the benefits of group membership can be difficult to quantify, many members find benefits in:

  • Increased accountability
  • Business owners with similar backgrounds to brainstorm ideas
  • Strong support network
  • Access to professionals with complementary strengths
  • Improved delegation skills
  • Higher quality of living
  • Increased profitability
  • Business coaching input
  • Improved level of business expertise

Formed in 2001, CEO Focus is a national organization with groups in about 30 major cities across the country. Members participate in monthly peer group meetings facilitated by their group advisor in addition to one-on-one meetings with the advisor each month. Members benefit from the collective wisdom of their peer group, the experience of the group advisor, and the accountability to which all group members are held.

A group of fourteen people with different ethnic backgrounds sitting around a round, white table with different color social networking related icons on its surface. There is a gray and white floor beneath them.

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