Don’t Fool Yourself

A "difficult to overcome" characteristic of being human is our ability to fool ourselves. This article explains how often and easily this human tendency occurs. A peer group is one way to overcome this human error.

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Don’t Let Sunk Costs Be an Anchor on Your Business

Don’t Let Sunk Costs Be an Anchor on Your Business By Preston Sumner and Brian Rouff Preston: Brian, when you described tearing down and rebuilding your business model, the phrase that came to mind was “creative destruction.” Besides being a powerful concept from John Boyd’s OODA process, creative destruction goes against the grain of the [...]

High Tech, High Touch

High Tech, High Touch John Naisbitt coined the phrase “high tech, high touch” in his 1982 book Megatrends. Facebook epitomizes the application of the concept in its business model. Naisbitt made the point that as technology permeates our lives, there will be a countervailing desire for human connection. Oftentimes our mobile devices seem to cut [...]

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The Secrets of Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Secrets of Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage By Preston Sumner and Brian Rouff Preston: The Holy Grail of business is creating a sustainable competitive advantage. You can point to numerous companies that have established a clear competitive advantage. The challenge is sustaining that competitive advantage. The chart below illustrates this difficulty. Note the turnover [...]


"Two is one and one is none." When designing processes, risk management must be taken into account. What is the impact of a failed component? Can the throughput of the process be protected by the use of several lower capacity machines rather than a single high capacity machine? Can a job be shared by two [...]

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Effectiveness Before Efficiency

"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." -Peter Drucker EFFECTIVENESS must come before efficiency. Effective means creating value for a customer. Processes must be designed to eliminate activities that do not add value. This is an important source of competitive advantage.

Don’t Set Goals…Set Milestones

Don't Set Goals...Set Milestones The problem with goals is that the word infers a destination, an endpoint. A milestone is an achievement along a journey. Your business and your life are journeys. Celebrate your milestones, then start moving toward the next.

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What Do Tim Tebow, Le’Veon Bell And John Boyd Have In Common?

What Do Tim Tebow, Le’Veon Bell And John Boyd Have In Common? Tim Tebow took the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011. He took over the quarterback job after a 1-3 start under another quarterback and took the team to a win in the first round of the playoffs. Tebow never got another start [...]

Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced? Jimi Hendrix unknowingly posed an important business process question in 1967 as the title to a song and his debut album. An earlier article, “If It’s Not a Process, It’s a Problem,” discussed the importance of processes. This article will discuss how we go about developing good processes. Any good process begins [...]

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Playing Defense or Offense

Playing Defense or Offense Are you playing defense when you should be playing offense? Our brains are wired to survive. That means we instinctively protect rather than risk. As an entrepreneur, you have chosen to take on risk. That’s great, but in your day to day actions are you sometimes protecting when you should be [...]

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