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Audacity "In a time when computers are replacing many basic human functions, it will eventually come to be that audaciousness, vision, courage, creativity, a sense of justice – these will be the only tasks left to us." -Ryan Holiday Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the great equalizer when it comes to competitive advantage...until courage and [...]

The Power of Why

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The Power of Why "If you always tell people why, they'll understand it better, they'll consider it more important, and they'll be more likely to comply" -Charlie Munger Asking why repeatedly until you get to the root cause of a problem is a powerful tool from the Toyota Management System. Explaining why is a powerful [...]

MVP (It’s not what you think)

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MVP (It's not what you think) Preston: Brian, “Ready, Fire, Aim” is great advice in those situations where we feel paralyzed by a lack of information. This is the state in which many entrepreneurial companies find themselves. It is also the state any business may find itself in when developing a new product or [...]

Here’s What’s Better Than A Punch In The Mouth

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Here's What's Better Than A Punch In The Mouth Our vision and goals are clear to us when we launch a new business, product, or adventure. We set out in that direction with great enthusiasm taking one step at a time looking at what is immediately in front of us. How often do we look [...]


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Luck When we talk about luck, be it good or bad, we are usually looking at past events. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. Recognize that the future is uncertain and often random. As events unfold do not dwell on your good or bad luck. Know where you want to [...]

Change: Pull, Don’t Push

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Change: Pull, Don't Push "People don't resist change. They resist being changed"  -Peter Scholtes How do you motivate people to want to change? Make the status quo uncomfortable and give them the opportunity and power to create change. It's not effective to push people to change and you can' t pull them to change with [...]

“2+2=5” or How To Combine Efficiency And Effectiveness

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"2+2=5" or How To Combine Efficiency And Effectiveness A member of my CEO Focus peer group mentioned a conference session that he has found very useful on a day to day basis in his business. When he mentioned it, I recalled a podcast I had listened to that was an interview of the same person. [...]