Welcome to CEO Focus of Nevada

Formed in 2001, CEO Focus is a national organization with groups in about 30 major cities across the country. In 2015 Preston Sumner founded CEO Focus of Nevada to pursue his passion of working with CEOs and business owners. Members participate in monthly peer group meetings facilitated by their group advisor in addition to one-on-one meetings with the advisor each month. Members benefit from the collective wisdom of their peer group, the experience of the group advisor, and the accountability to which all group members are held.

Who are we

Stop trying to grow your business all by yourself.  Find out the easy way to grow by leveraging the experience of others. Check out member benefits here.

Preston Sumner is the ideal executive to oversee the Nevada office of CEO Focus. He has led the development, financing and management of entrepreneurial businesses for more than four decades.  -Read More-

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A few of our skills

Increased Accountability
Strong Support Network
Improved Delegation
Increased Profitability

A Message from President of CEO Focus of Nevada Preston Sumner

Do you struggle to find enough time to focus on your long term goals? Are day-to-day operational challenges piling up faster than you can deal with them?

CEO Focus works with business owners and CEOs like you to make better, quicker operational decisions, creating more time to concentrate on the big picture strategies that will help you achieve business success.

My mission is to provide business owners and CEOs with access to the collective knowledge and experience of a select group of peers. The group holds each member accountable for the actions and results that are necessary to achieve their long term goals. As the facilitator and member of this group, I offer the following background:

  • Creative, entrepreneurial leader with experience in operational, strategic, and financial roles
  • Executive officer in privately and publicly held corporations, from start-ups to $255 million revenue/6,000 employee businesses
  • Managing director of private equity firm.

My special areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Strategic planning
  • Lean enterprise
  • Process improvement
  • Business planning and modeling
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Negotiations

I hope you will join us, not only to gain valuable knowledge from the group but to offer your own insights and experience that will, in turn, help others.