“2+2=5” or How To Combine Efficiency And Effectiveness

A member of my CEO Focus peer group mentioned a conference session that he has found very useful on a day to day basis in his business. When he mentioned it, I recalled a podcast I had listened to that was an interview of the same person. The podcast title is “The Art of Letting Other People Have Your Way.” That sums up the purpose of much of our communication.

Podcasts (and audio books) are a great way to learn while driving or doing mundane tasks around the house or the office. I guarantee it is a better use of your time than listening to the news. Listening to podcasts is both efficient (high output with low resource consumption) and effective (producing value). My 3 favorites are:

What other podcasts have you found worthwhile? What other speakers have you heard at conferences that stimulated your thinking? Please share them in the comments.